Tired of searching the internet to find why your tracks don’t sound professional?

Only to be met by conflicting advice and confusing videos?

It’s time to level up your audio production skills with one of our industry seminars. Learn how recording and production for indie and major labels is ACTUALLY done in the studio with a range of Masterclass seminars. Ranging form recapping on basic studio skills right through to High-end production training, expert mixing skills and Mastering seminars. Each seminar stands alone as a key skill block, but the courses are designed to progress you right through to become an accomplished professiona yourself.

Quality Results

Our goal is to create offer clear and concise training based on a solid foundation of core skills and understanding. For example learning why that compressor works is far more valuable that grabbing those presets with no understanding.

Qualified and Experienced

Training Course have been developed by audio industry professionals with adult education qualifications and university level teaching experience so you can rest assured that the delivery will be clear, effective and professionally delivered.

Recording Studio Masterclass Seminars list

Check outer current list of available seminars and event dates

Recording Skills 101 The Basics

Learn the basics of recording in a real commercial studio in this one day course.
Microphone setup skills
Cable management
Large Format Console operation
Studio Safety

Recording Skills 102 Acoustic Recording Masterclass

Learn to record acoustic instruments and vocals like a pro
Use industry standard Microphones, preamps and outboard gear
Record and Mix an entire song

Recording Studio Masterclass 103 Drum Recording Masterclass

Learn Microphone behaviours and polar patterns.
Get hands on recording a real drummer on a track
Identify drum sounds on records
Record drums using several different setups ranging from retro minimal mic setups to full close mic pop setups
Record your own drum samples to use in your productions
Translate your new skills to home, location and studio recordings
Record drums with confidence.

Recording Studo masterclass 104 Recording Rock

Record a full Rock band in a commercial studio
Learn how to get that sound fast
Production tips and tricks
Hands on rock vocal recording
Learn how to get a slamming rock vocal with outboard grear in the studio or plugins at home.

Recording Studo masterclass 105 Mixing Rock 1

Rock editing and post production skills
Learn the tricks of the pros for a release ready rock record
Sample Replacement
Vocal Riding
Dynamics control
Take Command of saturation
Be confident in your mixes so clients won’t want endless mix revisions.


In person seminars will be resuming soon

July 2024