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Welcome to RSM

Welcome to RSM

Hi, I'm Russell Cottier, I've been in the recording industry for over 15 years and have been fortunate enough to work with chart-topping and award-winning artists and labels, including Sly & Robbie, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Sony, Trojan Records and many more. I've been blessed to work at world-class studio facilities and with world-class musicians. But it has been a hard journey, I remember what it was like to be there at the start - frustrated because nobody is showing YOU the real skills you need to make a record. That's why I started Recording Studio Masterclass running live seminars and and our upcoming course Classic Mixing. Keep reading to find out more.

Classic Mixing

Learn the techniques of the master mixers


Classic Mixing

There are plenty of mix tutorials out there but most are either too simple or too complex, too vague or too focused on minutiae of their own examples. Most lack reference to the fundamental key concepts that you need to make pro-sounding records. Even fewer have an associated support network and structured course plan and some are just plain wrong! That's why I put together the Classic Mixing course

Classic Mixing

Real Mixing - Real Multitracks - Real Progress

A 10 week course with hours of video training, free pro level multitracks and online support.

Classic Mixing guides you through:

  • Setting up your sessions
  • Planning your mix like a pro
  • Drum mixing tips and tricks
  • Guitar mixing hacks
  • Top Vocal mixing techniques used by top international mixing engineers

Multi-Platform Mixing

Classic Mixing is about concepts and sounds, the demonstrations are structured to work for you whatever your DAW of choice...You can even apply these concepts to an analog studio.

Mixing Philosophy

Learn to think like a Pro. Identify target sounds and problems in your mixes. Learn to take the listener to another level.

Musicality & Technique

Learn the classic techniques in a structured format. Understand how and when to use them. Clean up your mixes and make them punch!


Chat with experts and other learners in our members area. Discuss your progress and get quality feedback, support and advice.

Next Online Course Begins

Sep 2017

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